That distinct sense of ennui you feel in Portland? That’s probably BoJack Horseman

For many of us, few modern day television shows have managed to so effectively capture the banality of modern living as effectively as an animated show about a washed up sitcom star who also happens to be a horse. The premise has worked, time and time again. And it’s going to get another chance. Netflix has picked up BoJack Horseman up for a fifth season.

So beyond a shared sense of ennui, what does that have to do with Portland and technology and whatnot? Well, what you may not know is that BoJack Horseman is made right here in Portland. At a little shop called SHADOWMACHINE.

Specializing in multiple forms of animation, SHADOWMACHINE is a collective of artists, designers, writers, directors and producers and serves as a platform to launch great stories. It is an environment of collaboration, inspiration and artistry with a culture of hard-work and efficiency.

And so that self loathing equine’s continued success? That means something very positive for a group of super talented creatives right here in town. So chin up. All that despair is good for business.