According to Forbes, Portland is the best place for business and careers, this year

Well, I definitely didn’t see this one coming. But thanks to the constant influx of smart and talented folks to complement all of the smart and talented folks we were already lucky enough to have around these parts, Portland is Forbes best place for business and careers, this year.

Despite a population of 2.4 million, the Portland, Ore., metro area is home to just one big publicly traded company with annual sales over $3 billion: Nike, based in Beaverton. But the limited big corporate presence has not stopped recent college grads from flocking to Portland for its outdoor recreational opportunities, as well as its progressive and environmentally friendly scene.

There’s even a cute nod to the “Silicon Forest” moniker. Like that’s something that we just came up with. (Even though it’s been a thing for nearly 40 years.)

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