DazzleCon: Now with even more — and more accessible — Zebra time

You’re busy. You’re building a company. You’re improving community. You’re doing things that have impact. But unfortunately, more often than not, that means that time and money are in short supply. So when you are presented with an amazing opportunity to spend some time among your peers but the price point or time commitment are difficult to defend, it’s totally understandable. And the folks at DazzleCon clearly get that.

That’s why I wanted to make sure you knew that the inaugural DazzleCon—a gathering of Zebra startups taking place in Portland in mid-November—offers some different opportunities for folks to engage with their peers and hear from thought leaders who understand that Zebras hold more promise than Unicorns.

Is money holding you back? There are scholarships available to help make your attendance a reality. Thanks to companies like &yet, Able Endeavors, Davis Wright Termaine, Diamond & Branch, Purpose, and Wildbit who have generously funded scholarship opportunities.

Time commitment causing you stress? There’s now a Wednesday evening element that will help you engage with the Zebra community and hear from some amazing folks, even if you can’t attend the entire event.

Not sure your company fits the Zebra model? Or not quite at the stage that makes attendance feasible? Wednesday’s programming is perfect for you, too. And it’s hard to beat the price.

If you’re interested in attending the full three-day conference, there is still time apply. Tickets cost $450. If you’re interested in attending the Wednesday night, tickets are available for $25.

The event takes place November 15-17, 2017 at a variety of locations in Portland. For more information, visit DazzleCon.