Eugene speeds up with a series of creative gigabit grants from Mozilla

Many of us know Mozilla as the organization behind the Firefox browser, but they have a number of other projects in which they’re engaged. One of those other projects is the Mozilla Gigabit Community Fund which funds speedy connectivity in support of deserving projects. Like some projects in Eugene.

“We’re focusing on projects that leverage gigabit internet speeds — up to 250x average speeds — to make a positive impact,” says Lindsey Frost, who directs the Mozilla Community Gigabit Fund.

“The gigabit projects we fund are built and piloted by community members to address real challenges in education and workforce development in their cities,” Frost explains. “It’s all part of our mission to build a healthy internet that fuels a more open, equitable, and inclusive society.”

Eugene projects City Synth, Gigabit Residencies, NEDCO, Redefining Women in Tech, and Coder in Residence shared in more than $80,000 of grants from Mozilla.

For more information, read “Mozilla Announces $83,000 in Grants for Creative Gigabit Projects in Eugene.”