Hello, Portland startup community! I’m Paul Reynolds

victoria_photo_both - Paul Reynolds


Paul was born in the upstate area of South Carolina. He has a tendency to chase his passions down to a deep level of understanding and proficiency. This probably explains why he has been a professional: printing press operator, graphic designer, “webmaster,” video game developer, pet-treat baker, car sandblaster, coworking space proprietor, 3D interactive consultant, used car dealer, startup advisor, augmented reality developer, and a few other things.

Ultimately, he realized that tech startups stimulate all of his creative, technical, and strategic interests.

In addition to South Carolina, he has lived in Chicago, San Diego, Seattle, South Florida, and now resides in Portland where he is very, very happy.

What are you up to?

I am CEO and cofounder of a new startup called Torch 3D. We are creating a platform that helps professional creatives work in 3D for the purposes of concepting AR and VR projects. Because this is my primary interest, I spend a fair amount of time (trying to) engage the 3D, design, and tech startup communities.

Outside of that, I’m a big fan of my wife and our dog Doug. Lately we’ve been converting a Sprinter Van as a weekend getaway vehicle for the three of us.

Why Portland?

Portland has a little bit of everything I like and not too much of anything I don’t. What drew me to Portland was the track record of creative collaboration and genuine people. I try my best as a newcomer to respect that culture and support it.


I’m @MugOfPaul most social places (including the PDX Startups Slack!) and /paulreynolds on LinkedIn. Also, we’re hiring!

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