Double dose of Portland startup connector Dylan Boyd

Seems like Dylan Boyd started off the new year with a new publicist or something. Or maybe it’s just that folks are starting to realize what an undervalued asset he is to the Portland startup community. Either way. You get a double dose of Dylan for your weekend.

Here he is chatting with Output PDX. (And thanks for the shoutout!)

And here’s some coverage about his work with the Spin Accelerator through R/GA:

Building consistent business is key to a startup’s success, and nobody knows that better than Dylan Boyd, director of R/GA Ventures. Boyd is a long-time Portland startup and tech leader, and he espouses a gospel of reality but in a way that helps assuage the inherent cacophony and sheer volume of things on an entrepreneur’s worry list.

[Full disclosure: Dylan is a PIE mentor. I am the cofounder and general manager of PIE.]