Looking for a better bookmarking tool? You may want to save this Pinpoint Bookmarking link

There was a time when there were any number of bookmarking solutions to choose from. And then, the market consolidated and some solutions faded. Now, there’s a whole new generation of bookmarking tools rethinking the concept. Like Portland’s Pinpoint Bookmarking.

Pinpoint Bookmarking is the first app that allows users to bookmark exactly where they have left off reading in iOS devices. Whether it’s an online article, web book, or content within hundreds of apps, our patent pending technology allows you to mark down to the letter, word, or even punctuation mark where you have left off reading.

Have you stumbled upon a quote you want to share to Twitter? Is there a key passage in the online journal article that would help you build your argument for a term paper, and want to send it to yourself? Pinpoint Bookmarking allows you to highlight text and share it, whether to text, email or a social media platform. It even includes a URL of the source.

Even better? The latest version of the app introduces a freemium option, so long as users create an account.

For more information or to download, visit Pinpoint Bookmarking.