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Portland OKR solution Koan launches freemium model

If your organization is considering the Objectives and Key Results (OKRs) framework, is implementing OKRs, or is deeply in love with OKRs, adopting a solution to help you manage those OKRs just got a heck of a lot easier. Because Portland’s Koan has a transitioned to a freemium model. And free is a very good price.

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Looking for a better bookmarking tool? You may want to save this Pinpoint Bookmarking link

There was a time when there were any number of bookmarking solutions to choose from. And then, the market consolidated and some solutions faded. Now, there’s a whole new generation of bookmarking tools rethinking the concept. Like Portland’s Pinpoint Bookmarking.

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After making file sharing easier, Droplr makes it cheaper. As in free.

In this day and age, we’re constantly sharing stuff. Files, articles, screenshots, videos. Share share share. All this content to spread around. So it’s nice to have tools like Droplr to help with that sharing. Just drag and drop and you’ve got a link. Or just grab a screenshot and fire it off. And now, Droplr just got better. As in cheaper. Read More

Monetize content without ads? Contenture offers easy subscriber micropayments, freemium content

No doubt, you’ve heard me rave about Clicky, the Portland-based Web analytics tool that’s got a ton of cool features for a very affordable price.

Well, far from a one-trick pony, the Clicky team has just released their latest product Contenture, a service that hopes to help content publishers everywhere create some revenue from the content they’re creating. Read More