Hello, Portland startup community! I’m Steven Christian

IMG_7152 - Steven Christian


Born and raised in Sacramento, CA, Steven grew up playing sports his whole life. Mainly football, basketball, and baseball. He was fortunate enough to excel in football and earn a scholarship at the University of Hawaii.

During his college career, he injured his hips and had to get hip surgery. It was then that he began to explore art and comics. It became an avenue of self-expression as well as therapy.

Jump to three years later, he hung up the cleats, received his Master of Arts from Oregon State, and is now to applying to Medical School. In hopes of reinventing himself as a visual artist, he aims to create a series that reflects his environment, and inspire and promote creativity.

What are you up to?

I am currently balancing various creative projects with being a personal trainer, an after school coding class instructor, and a math and science tutor. I am currently taking a break from illustrating comics to animate and produce short story cartoons for my YouTube channel. If all goes well, I would like to have my own animated series in the future.

Aside from illustration and animation, I am an avid snowboarder, and make frequent trips to Mt. Hood during the snow season.

Why Portland?

After playing football at Oregon State, I decided to stay in Oregon. I moved to Portland so that I could be closer to the city vibe I grew up around. Plus, I have wanted to go to medical school at Oregon Health and Science University. When I moved here, I realized that the city had everything I was interested in: Medicine, comics, fine arts, and snowboarding. Being here has continued to inspire me to think outside the box and continue creating great work.


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