Interested in transportation challenges? Participate in the Greater Portland Tech Challenge

Startups are tackling any number of transportation challenges. And, more and more, government is looking for creative solutions for transportation challenges. So it only makes sense to get those two groups together to figure out how they can collaborate, right? Well, that’s the Greater Portland Tech Challenge.

Based upon paired voting from the morning pitch sessions, we’ll pair each agency with a limited number of tech firms for an afternoon of in-depth problem solving. You’ll get to know more about the agencies interested in your solution, explore your challenge together and see what public sector experts think.

The day culminates with an opportunity for agencies and established firms to pick a tech firm (or firms) for a demo/pilot project. They will restate their challenge (because maybe you helped an idea evolve) and pick their team. Then you spend 3-4 months working together on a demo or pilot project.

Sound like something you’d like to do? Good. They’re looking for startups and other tech folks to participate. And if you’re a government agency that’s got a transportation based issue? Well, you’re welcome to participate as well.

For more information, visit Greater Portland Tech Challenge.