You have homework this weekend: Figure out your Portland Startup Week 2018 schedule

I get it. No. Seriously. I do. We all understand that the “P” in “Portland” stands for “procrastination.” It’s cool. But there comes a time when procrastination turns into actually having to do something. And that time is nigh. Because Portland Startup Week starts in a matter of hours. I know right? Kinda snuck up on us.

Now, I’m far past asking you to plan an event. Because let’s be honest, that time has passed. Wait what? You have an event? Well, it’s never to late. Let’s get it on the schedule.

No. Wait. Stop. What am I doing?

Ahem. I’d really love to see you at some of the events that people who procrastinated less than us are throwing. Because there are a bunch. Like more than 100 of them. From Hillsboro to Portland to Vancouver. Events events events. From free coworking to free lunches. Free free free. Even if you want to pay for events. There are those events, too.

There is, quite literally, something for everyone.

So, please take a few moments to plan out your schedule for next week. And if you’re one of those extroverted types, please feel free to tweet your Sched to @pdxstartupweek. And we’ll let everyone know where you’ll be.

For more information or to plan your schedule, visit Portland Startup Week 2018.