Optimal utility: Portland startup Twofold rethinks the modern workspace

What if a wall could be more than a wall? What if meeting rooms could appear and disappear as needed? Those are the kinds of questions that Portland startup Twofold has been asking. And their answers are both compelling and elegant.

Our mission at Twofold is to help companies optimize limited space. We do this by focusing on great, inventive design that’s backed by a strong financial and environmental business case. As a result, Twofold changes the formula for organizations that are designing new space or growing in place.

Developed following extensive research into the mobile workplace environment, Twofold’s first products were conceived, designed, hacked, and fabricated, by a multidisciplinary team of makers, architects, interior designers, and potential end-users. Twofold is creating a new canvas for designers, and helps clients get the most from their investment in space. By converting idle areas into productive, flexible workspaces, Twofold products can improve efficiency by 25% or more, thereby increasing the capacity of smaller floorplans, or enabling greater density in existing spaces.

Words don’t really do the products justice. I mean, even if I had a command of the English language. Which I’ve proven time and time again that I don’t.

So you kind of have to see them. Go look at Twofold.

Fun fact: The original prototype for Twofold was inspired by an effort to build better phone booths for the old PIE workspace. But the current version is leaps and bounds ahead of those original discussions.