Regaining trust: Portland startup Lytics pushes for an industry standard in trust based marketing

In a world where marketing and advertising continues to up the level of creepiness on a regular basis (Thanks, Cambridge Analytica!), it’s refreshing to see a company that’s willing to stem the tide of distrust. And it’s even more awesome when it’s a Portland startup. That’s why it was great to see Lytics pushing for an industry standard around trust based marketing.

In the wake of consumer data misappropriation scandals, companies and brands that align with the values of Trust-Based Marketing will thrive, said Darren Guarnaccia, CMO of Lytics.

But embracing Trust-Based Marketing means more than just respectful gathering of data, Guarnaccia said. The concept also sets the expectation that marketers use personal data to serve the customer’s best interests. The end goal is to make customers feel both valued and understood.

“Digital marketing is at an operational and ethical crossroads,” said Lytics cofounder and CEO James McDermott in a press release. “We’re all tired of lazy marketing that is intrusive, inefficient and that leaves customers frustrated and burned. Digital marketers owe their customers more.”

For more information, read the Lytics press release.

[Full disclosure: Lytics is an alum of PIE. I am the cofounder and general manager of PIE.]