I’ve been mucking with Patreon for a year. Here’s the current status. And, obviously, a passive aggressive plea for you to join in.

A year ago—a decade into writing Silicon Florist—it seemed like an interesting experiment (you know me, I like the experiments) to test drive Patreon, a platform that allows the community to provide financial support for folks who are making things.

And for the past year, it’s been an interesting dabble. So for year 12, I decided to double down on that experiment. And see if I was providing any value, whatsoever, in your opinion.

Screen Shot on 2018-08-13 at 20_30_15

Now now, don’t get worried. Rest assured that there are no paywalls going up. I’m not beholden to some parent company who is looking to wring value out of the tripe I post. In fact, if you do nothing, you’ll still get the same subpar product you’ve been consuming over the past 11 years. Same old, same old. Just like magic.

But if you’re interested in kicking in some coin to support this blog—like 66 of your peers have thankfully chosen to do—you simply now have the opportunity to do so. And that’s available for as little as a buck a month.

But if you’re interested in more insights and potentially more value from leveraging my 23-years-in-the-Portland-startup-community brain, there are opportunities to get even more out of me.

Some of the higher levels offer a monthly recap with context for what’s been happening in the Portland startup community. (So you can actually ignore the drivel I post on a daily basis and just catch up month-to-month.) I mean, Cloudability and Occam Advisors have already signed up. So who am I to argue?

And if you’re an investor outside of Portland? I’ve got you. Happy to provide you with insights with what we’re seeing here in town. Because that helps our companies as much as it helps you. And we could use a little friendly competition around these parts.

Again, this is just an experiment. It probably won’t even work. But if you want to play along or if I’ve somehow managed to provide value for you or your company in the past decade, please take a moment to visit Patreon.