When a homegrown Portland startup project hits the bigs: PitchBlack partners with Black & Brown Founders

It’s always bittersweet. Given the way that we Portlanders—in our garage band mentality—think about things. We love the homegrown stuff. And we want it to succeed. But sometimes it’s hard to let go. Still, seeing PitchBlack rocket into the stratosphere can’t help but make me happy.

Why? Because I’m still in awe that the whitest city in America was the platform to launch one of the most amazing black pitch events in the United States. All thanks to Stephen Green. But that just lends credence to my whole “ridiculous decisions” argument.

And now, this amazing Portland event is being supported by Black & Brown Founders, one of the leading voices for diverse and inclusive entrepreneurship in the world.

The PitchBlack pitch competition, now in its third year and seventh iteration, gives Black and/or Latinx startup entrepreneurs a platform to connect with the larger startup ecosystem, while also awarding them with cash prizes.

This national series is organized by economist and entrepreneur, Stephen Green. He is currently Community Director for WeWork, and a Black & Brown Founders speaker, mentor and advisor.

Talk about putting Portland on the map. But no worries, we’ll still get to attend PitchBlack. In fact, the next one is already in the planning. So stay tuned.

[Full disclosure: Stephen Green is a board member of Built Oregon. I am the cofounder of Built Oregon.]