Portland design firm Old Friend offers to add startups to the Friend Zone

Startups, while exciting and invigorating, are also completely frustrating. So much to do. And so little help. That’s why I’m always a fan of folks who help startups out of this predicament. Like Old Friend. Who has an offering that could help alleviate at least one of those tasks.

Entrepreneurs often have an idea, a product, a business that they’re ready to see flourish, but need a little boost in building creating visuals that will push the brand forward. Old Friend, a Portland design studio is launching a free workshop to help.

The program is called the ‘Friend Zone’ and will offer free services to a handful of small business owners who are accepted into the program. With a mission to connect with local business owners and help them grow, Old Friend is looking to partner with small businesses in the Portland area who have creative needs—from a pop-up shop in need of a logo to a restaurant needing a menu revamp.

Sound interesting? Maybe you should apply to be added to the Friend Zone.