As summer ends and school begins, you’ve no doubt got chores. Omni can help.

It’s that time of year. Where even though weather isn’t changing, the season is definitely changing. Kids are going back to school. Work is picking back up. And, as such, it’s highly likely that you’ve got a few extra chores on your to-do list. That probably involve cramming some stuff into storage. Granted, it’s no fun. But what if there was someone who as standing by to help you with that?

There is. It’s Omni. They’ll be happy to come help haul your stuff to storage. And document it all. And keep it safe until next summer.

But wait. It’s not just storage. It’s a means of you making some coin off that stuff in storage. Like maybe you don’t need that canopy that you’ve been using to hide from the sun that someone else could use for rainy soccer games, this fall? Or perhaps you’re a summer power washer user, and someone else is a “clean the rain gutters and roof in the fall” sort of person? Or maybe, just maybe, that beach accoutrement you’re retiring for the season is still viable for someone in the winter months? Because Oregon coast.

Well, maybe it’s a good opportunity to test Omni. And here’s a a little discount to make it a little more reasonable.

Not quite convinced? Here’s some more detail on Omni in Portland.