PIE begins testing PIE Shop, the newest flavor of the Portland startup accelerator program

Startups often like to test things. And then iterate. And test again. Before making a big leap. So it stands to reason that an organization that spends its time working with startups would take a similar tact. That’s why local startup accelerator PIE has been working with a handful of companies to beta test its new offering, PIE Shop.

Who have those early adopters been? Today, PIE Shop revealed those details.

Bip: Bip is a small format connected device designed to be worn by residents of assisted living facilities as a means of opening lines of communication among residents, staff, and family, and providing critical data points that inform other assisted living management solutions.

CMDSense: CMDSense uses a variety of connected devices and other tools to gather outdoor and indoor data in cities in order to help transform cities into places that benefit every urban citizen.

Dorsum: Carrying unsupported weight puts strain on the back, increasing the risk for injury. Dorsum has designed and are developing the AdaptiveSpineā„¢, a spinal exoskeleton and supportive device that transfers weight and stress to the hips.

Foundry Collaborative: The team who built the Adidas connected ball has spun off from the apparel company to continue to innovate on the technology they created. They will serve as both a PIE Shop company and mentors in residence for the other companies in the space.

In addition to the startups, PIE Shop is also serving as headquarters for two nonprofit organizations, PDX Women In Tech and the Portland IQ.

But it wasn’t just a reveal of companies announced today. PIE Shop also set a deadline for applications to round out this inaugural cohort of companies, asking interested startups to complete the application process before the stroke of midnight Pacific Time on September 16, 2018.

For more information or to apply, visit Beta testing PIE Shop, application deadline announced.

[Full disclosure: I am the cofounder and general manager of PIE.]