Making coworking space even more accessible: Workfrom WeWork

If there’s one thing that always intrigues me about modern business, it’s the constant creative fragmentation that makes things more and more accessible to individuals on an as needed basis. Cars, housing, stuff, workspace… it’s happening on any number of fronts.

Take cars. First folks had to buy a car. Then they could rent a car. Then the could pay a subscription to access a car. Then they could get access to a car minute by minute. Or they could let other people use a car they owned. Or they could drive other people around in their own car.

Accessibility kept getting more and more affordable.

So it only makes sense that other resources would get equally accessible. Houses, items, groceries…even workspace. And that’s where Portland startup Workfrom is really changing the dynamic. Thanks to a pilot project with WeWork Portland.

Because office space has followed a similar analogy. First you had to buy office space. Then you could lease it. Then the idea of coworking made office space more accessible on a month to month basis. But what about day to day use? That’s where Workfrom comes in.

That’s right. Now, folks who sign up for a free Workfrom account have the ability to purchase daily credits for coworking space. No month to month. No long term lease. Just office space. On a daily basis when you need it.

It’s called Workfrom Homebase.

A private community office, phone booths, and common area at WeWork Pioneer Place, as well as unlimited WiFi, beer, cider, espresso, tea, coffee, and fruit water.

And it’s one of those thought provoking win wins. You get office space and other benefits as you need it. And WeWork gets a wider selection of community members in its space.

Sound interesting? Good. Because Portland folks are the first ones with access to this pilot. Well, and folks who read Silicon Florist with the hopes of visiting Portland.

All it takes is signing up for a free Workfrom account. And then you can start buying day use credits at WeWork Pioneer Place for $19 a day. And here’s something even better. Silicon Florist readers get four credits for the price of three.

[Full disclosure: Workfrom is part of the PIE family. I am the cofounder and general manager of PIE.]