If you’re making plans with friends this weekend, take a second to make sure they can AllGo

We’ve all been there. An unintended awkward situation. At the most inopportune time. Maybe it’s emotionally awkward. Perhaps it’s physical. But it happens. And boy oh boy does everyone later wish we’d been able to avoid that situation altogether. Honing in on that feeling? Cool. Because that’s part of the motivation behind Portland startup AllGo.

AllGo is a review app where plus-size people rate the comfort and accessibility of public spaces so others can know what to expect. We help people of size go out more, with less anxiety.

Our reviews are straight from the source: Fat people who’ve been there before and want to share what it was like.

So think Yelp. But instead of figuring out if a place kid friendly or noisy, you get information on things like “do the chairs have arms” and “do the tables move.” Things that can be very important to plus-sized folks in public areas.

The first version of AllGo is currently available on both Android and iOS. Once you’ve got the app, you can search for locations to see if they’ve been reviewed. If they have, you’ll get details and often images on the locale, as well as an overall rating. If it hasn’t yet been reviewed — remember, this is a brand new service — you get to spring into action and help review the location on a variety of factors.

AllGo is currently only available in Portland. But they’re in the midst of exploring which other cities make sense in the short term.

For more information or to start exploring public spaces with a different lens, visit AllGo.

[Full disclosure: AllGo is a PIE company. I am the cofounder and general manager of PIE.]