Women founders and a whiteboard: Women Led Pitch 2018

There are any number of opportunities for startups to get on stage and pitch. But it’s always more interesting when there’s a focus. Like celebrating women founders. Which is exactly what happens with Women Led and their pitch event.

Join us for a pitch event that celebrates and amplifies women founders and their entrepreneurial talents! If you’re selected, you will be given 3 minutes to pitch your business and 2 minutes to take questions from the audience. Your pitch should be polished, but conversational: no slides, no formal presentations. You will have access to a whiteboard to emphasize key points, use illustrations, etc.

The Whiteboard Pitch is more than a 5-minute experience, it’s your opportunity to show the value you are creating for the world to an audience who is in your corner! .All accepted pitch applicants will be given access to an hour long one-on-one mentoring session to get feedback from seasoned vets to fine tune your pitch before the event (All mentors are VCs, Angel Investors, or Entrepreneurs who’ve successfully raised capital)

Interested in participating? You better hurry. Applications are due by the end of the month.

For more information or to apply, visit Women Led Pitch 2018.