If you’ve attended any Portland tech or startup event in the last 10 years, you’ve gotten value out of Calagator. Time to give back.

Portland. You know, the town where folks are driven to create solutions to problems whether there’s a business model or not. Like Calagator. Which for more than a decade has served as the go-to resource as the aggregated calendar for Portland tech and startup events. For free.

If you’ve been even remotely connected to the Portland tech community, you’ve derived value from Calagator. I am confident of that. Whether you know it or not. Again, for free. But now, you have a chance to make up for that. By helping to give back to the Calagator project.

Calagator was started in 2008 as an answer to Portland’s growing user group and tech community. We felt that a piece of infrastructure was needed to tie together the numerous overlapping interests and build the strongest possible environment for learning and collaboration. Today, our original site at calagator.org hosts an amazing variety of event listings every week and remains a key part of the community. The underlying open source project is rebounding from a period of dormancy — and as the person who originally brought us together, I’m excited to shape our next steps toward building a calendar system that can be used by all kinds of communities, around the world.

Not interested in a recurring commitment? That’s cool. Calagator is open to a one time contribution, as well.

For more information or to become a patron, visit Next steps for Calagator.