Highlighting the more active and valuable channels on the Portland Startups Slack

It happens to the best of them. We start a Slack instance. And then it grows. And folks add channels with the best of intentions. And then some of those channels flourish. While others wither away in anonymity. Creating clutter. And impacting discovery. But worst of all, increasing frustration and a feeling of disconnectedness. Which is entirely counterproductive.

So in an effort to help new users — and old — find some of the most active and relevant channels on Portland Startups Slack, I queried the user base. Which now sits north of 4000 members. So I even found some new channels to follow.

Here are the most recommended channels:

And if you’re new to Portland or the startup community here or considering relocating to Portland, first off, please feel free to join Portland Startups Slack. It’s free and open to the entire community. Then consider joining these channels, which one of our more active community members, Slade Sundar, recommended for a “starter kit.”

And if you’re more interested in the Portland part of the Slack, these all came recommended

Or if you’d like to thumb through all of the channels, please have at it. And please, if you’re considering starting a new channel, take a look at the existing channels before you do.

For more information or to participate, please join the Portland Startups Slack.