Make Portland even better by helping Business for a Better Portland help Street Roots

I know I’ve said it before, but of all the inspirational folks with an entrepreneurial spirit here in town, few compare to the folks at Street Roots. Calling their business pursuits “life changing”? A staggering understatement. And like any founder or small business person, they could use our help. And there’s no easier time of year to help than now, thanks to the efforts of Business for a Better Portland.

We’re excited to invite BBPDX members to participate in the Street Roots Supply Kit Project where BBPDX member businesses and their employees create supply kits for the hard working Street Roots vendors who write, edit, publish, and sell this important local media source.

Last year, inspired by the vision of Cloudability CEO Mat Ellis, over a dozen companies hosted Kit Parties in their offices. Together, the BBPDX community provided 175 kits containing items specifically requested by Street Roots’ vendors such as gift cards for coffee and a haircut and movie tickets plus a few extras: hand warmers, gloves, winter hats, warm socks, notebooks and pens, all packed inside a reusable string backpack. BBPDX and Street Roots staff attended these office gatherings and provided a very short program about homelessness in our community and how businesses can help address the crisis.

But there’s one catch.

So if you or your business can lend a hand, please take a moment to participate in the Business for a Better Portland Street Roots Kits efforts. Because it’s the right thing to do.

And if that’s not possible? Maybe consider buying a few things off the Street Roots Amazon wishlist.