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Talking transportation: Why Portland businesses of all sizes need to be involved in the conversation

You’ve noticed it. It’s difficult not to. As Portland has grown in popularity and population, congestion, traffic, and even crowded public transit are becoming more the norm than the exception in the City of Roses. It impacts everyone. And rising housing costs only exacerbate the problem, as the distance between work and home continues to expand. If you run a business, you’re seeing the impact from a variety of angles, from consumers to employees—especially when one of the primary hiring promises has been Portland’s “livability.”

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I don’t always meet with other cities, but when I do…? They’re the Most Innovative City in the World

While I’ve never had the chance to visit, I’ve heard a great deal about Medellin, Colombia. And how they have an incredible startup scene. And tons of government support. That’s why it’s no surprise that they’ve been called the Most Innovative City in the World. And now, representatives of that Innovative City are visiting the Rose City. And you’re invited to come chat with them.

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