Startup accelerator WeWork Labs launches Portland presence

Okay. There’s a lot more to dig into here… but just to get the news out. We’re going to have WeWork Labs in Portland. Great right? Even better? It’s going to be headed up by none other than startup ecosystem builder extraordinaire and the unofficial mayor of Portland Stephen Green.

There are so many things and thoughts and questions bouncing around my head:

Sadly, I’ll need to dig into that sort of stuff later. But to cut to the chase…

Portland’s tech scene has had several business accelerators come and go – and, sometimes, come again. WeWork’s global scale sets its effort apart, said Stephen Green, the new Portland director of the Portland WeWork Labs incubator, giving startups access to a broad pool of potential contacts.…

“I’ll be giving back and being founder-focused – really, really hands-on,” he said. Green said WeWork anticipates collaborating with other organizations that support startups, such as the Portland Incubator Experiment, rather than competing with them.

Man oh man. Exits are happening. Support infrastructure is getting rebuilt. I’m really really starting to look forward to 2019.

For more information, see the writeup in The Oregonian.

[Full disclosure: Stephen is a PIE mentor. I am the cofounder and general manager of PIE. Stephen is also on the board of Built Oregon. I am the cofounder and secretary of Built.]