Make some time to meet some makers and manufacturers: Friends of Fictiv happy hour

Like most things Portland, there are a ton of awesome makers and manufacturers in town doing a ton of awesome things. But thanks to our culture of aggressive humility, we don’t always know about all of that awesomeness. That’s why it’s nice to have things like the Friends of Fictiv happy hour. If only to bring some of those hidden gems in our midst to light.

If you’re not familiar with Fictiv and their Portland office — Forbes calls them “the Airbnb of manufacturing” — here’s the gist:

Fictiv is creating a new world order in which software democratizes access to fast, high quality manufacturing. We’re breaking down barriers to provide unprecedented access to the tools and services required to bring physical products to market.

So they’re basically a marketplace that helps identify local manufacturing resources — again, which can be more challenging than it should be thanks to aggressive humility — and ensure that local makers have efficient and expedient access to those resources — or any other resources in the Fictiv network. Plus they throw in a bunch of design for manufacturing help and quality control to boot.

So if that sounds interesting to you or you’re simply interested in meeting other makers and manufacturers, you’ll want to attend the next event, January 24, 2019, starting at 5:30PM at CENTRL Office Eastside. It’s free to attend.

For more information or to RSVP, visit Friends of Fictiv happy hour.