adidas enables collaboration by going into The Wild with HTC Vive

While we’ve all been geeking out about VR for a while now, it’s not always easy to understand the practical and needed applications of that technology. Until we see them. And then we’re like “Ohhhhhhh. Yeah. That makes sense.” Like the work Portland startup The Wild did with adidas and the HTC Vive.

The simulated retail space/playground for adidas’s design, merchandising, and communication teams. Working with The Wild’s innovative virtual collaboration software on VIVE VR systems, adidas created an immersive workshop—a testing ground of sorts for stakeholders with complete information just a few room-scaled steps away.

With the ability to conduct work in one collaborative space and the ability to assess, change, and then reassess in 3D—with no cost incurred beyond time spent—storytelling and product offerings came together far more quickly; the problem of information being lost in spatial translation now significantly reduced.

For more on the experience, see the HTC Vive blog.