Amplifying the voices of Black Women in STEM

I’m always a fan of events that highlight more voices in our community. So it will come as no surprise that I’m psyched to see Black Women in STEM 2.0 being held in Portland, next week.

Our panel will seek to give thought to the complex role of power in constructing and maintaining discursive and societal claims of identity through “code switching.” or what some call “soul switching” which refers to the actions of a particular person and/or group that is assumed to break from their own “natural” practices to perform codes “not their own” for the purposes of fitting in, acquiring capital, and accessing spaces not easily afforded.

Panelists include Dr. Mona-Lisa Pinkney, Sr. Director, Cybersecurity at Nike; Dr. Alisha Moreland-Capuia, Asst. Professor School of Medicine & Executive Director Avel Gordly Center of Healing at OHSU; Lakecia Gunter, VP Programmable Solutions Group at Intel; and Grace Andrews, Senior Solutions Engineer at New Relic. The panel will be moderated by Deena Pierott, Diversity Strategist and BWiSTEM cofounder.

The event is free. It will be hosted at Puppet on February 13, 2019(rescheduled) March 8, 2019, starting at 5:30PM.

For more information or to RSVP, visit BWiSTEM – Code Switching or Soul Switching.