PIE Demo Day 2019: (Re)Watch all of the pitches

PIE, the Portland Incubator Experiment, turns 10 this year. And it’s been five years since the last PIE Demo Day, where founders from the accelerator program take the stage to share stories about the companies they’re building. But now, the clock has been reset. PIE Demo Day 2019 took place on March 14 (Pi Day, course). And the replay is already available for your weekend viewing.

I realize that, in this day and age, you could probably watch startup pitches on any day of the week. But still, I’d encourage you to carve out some time to meet the companies that are being built here in Portland.

The companies that pitched and community members who took the stage included (in show order):

For more information, visit PIE.

[Full disclosure: I am the cofounder and general manager of PIE.]