Portland startup community, meet folks from a bunch of other startup communities

One of the things I love most about the Portland startup community is how collaborative, supportive, and engaged the entire community is. Rather than a single person or group carrying the load, it’s all of us. But not every community has the same dynamic. Sometimes it’s an individual or handful of folks who shoulder the bulk of the effort. But no matter what the dynamic, a bunch of folks from other startup communities are visiting us in Portland, this week.

I’d love for you to meet these awesome folks. And since we don’t have a Beer and Blog format to do that, we kind of made one up.

Please join the attendees of the Startup Champions Network Summit for a casual meet and greet. Where our community can meet folks from a bunch of other communities. If only to swap stories on what’s working. And maybe share a beverage or two.

What are Startup Champions, exactly? Well, they’re ecosystem builders.

Ecosystem builders are people who drive long-term change by supporting innovation and entrepreneurship. They work to reduce barriers for entrepreneurs.

Ecosystem builders come from a variety of backgrounds and expertise, including entrepreneurs, government officials, economic developers, grassroots community leaders, university leaders, academics, philanthropists, corporate leaders, and media. What distinguishes Ecosystem Builders is their collaborative nature, systems thinking, selfless approach, and commitment to inclusion.

Ecosystems thrive when people and resources are connected and working together to develop new approaches and solutions for serving entrepreneurs.

The gathering is free and open to the public. It starts around 6:00PM on Wednesday evening at Tilt Eastside and will last a couple of hours. If you’ve got a few minutes, please swing by.

For more information on the organization, visit Startup Champions Network.

Can’t make the event but still want to connect? We’ve added an #SCN channel to the Portland Startups Slack. (To join, visit https://pdxslack.com)

[Full disclosure: I am the local organizer for the Startup Champions Network Summit and a member of the Startup Champions Network.]