Building a consumer product startup? Built Accelerator wants to help — for free

Accelerators are nothing new. They’ve become a quintessential part of many startup ecosystems. But more often than not, they’re rather one note. Because the vast majority of those accelerators are only accelerating one thing: tech. But there’s more to startups than just tech. Especially around here. That’s why Built Oregon is rethinking the accelerator model to support consumer products companies.

Built Oregon is launching the country’s first not for profit consumer product accelerator in Oregon.

And what does ‘not for profit’ accelerator mean? It means there are no equity or strings attached to the participation in the program. We believe the value in investing time and resources into early stage companies, ones that are developing innovative new products and impacting their communities, is the difference we can collaboratively make.

Sound interesting? Applications are currently open. And if you’re more interested in mentoring, there are applications open for mentors too.

For more information, see the write up in the Portland Business Journal. Or visit Built Oregon Accelerator.

[Full disclosure: I am the cofounder of Built Oregon.]