Completing the Portland startup community trifecta: Portland Startup Week 2019

If you’ve had the feeling that it’s getting even more startuppy around these parts as of late, it’s no wonder. Last week was PIE Demo Day 2019, Built Oregon has launched a new accelerator program, and the Startup Champions Network just wrapped up a three day event, here in town. April promises to be just as awesome thanks to Portland Startup Week with concludes with TechfestNW.

But what’s happening at Portland Startup Week besides TechfestNW, you ask? Well, we’ll take the wraps off the schedule, officially, next week. But to give you a little teaser, Portland Startup Week contains a varied and eclectic series of events, all independently organized and always free — or at least with a free option during any given time slot.

And as our old friend Tom Peterson used to say, “Free is a very good price.”

You’ll be able to choose from things like:

But even with all of that awesomeness, there’s always room on the schedule. So if you’re interested in throwing together a free event of your own — don’t overthink it —we’d love to have you no the docket for Portland Startup Week 2019.

And to get notified when the schedule publishes, please visit Portland Startup Week.