Hitting a happy hour tonight? Dining out this weekend? Grabbing grub during Portland Startup Week? Review those spots with AllGo

Remember in the early days of this startup community when someone would release a new app and we’d all jump at the chance to download and use it as a sign of support and buying local? (Shizzow, anyone?) I’d like to see if we can get back in the mode of doing that. As a community. And I think I’ve found a really good opportunity to do that.

In Portland, we’re used to having early access to the best ketchups, the best spirits, and the best cannabis delivery systems. We can thank our amazing consumer good startups for these privileges. But it’s rare for us Portland folks to get access to consumer technology products before the Bay Area, New York, and LA. Because we’re more likely to be building technology locally that works behind the scenes. Or is B2B.

But that’s starting to change. With apps like AllGo, founded by lifelong Oregonian Rebecca Alexander. She’s built a review app that’s changing the way we share public spaces, especially for folks living in larger bodies.

AllGo — currently in beta — is only available in Portland. And it’s free. But it could use more reviews. And that’s where you come in.

So this weekend and this Portland Startup Week when you’re out and about, taking advantage of the amazing food and beverage in the Rose City, let’s do what we can to support a home-grown consumer technology company.

And as Rebecca reminded us in her pitch at PIE Demo Day, this month: “You don’t have to be plus-size to review places on AllGo. In fact, writing reviews on AllGo is a great way to support the plus-size people in your life.”

For more information to download the app, visit AllGo.

[Full disclosure: AllGo is a PIE company. I am the cofounder and general manager of PIE.]