A new reality: Portland Augmented Reality startup Streem acquires London AR startup Selerio

Portland startup Streem, itself the second chapter for a founder who went through an acquisition with his company ONtheGO Platforms, today announced that they are acquiring Selerio, a London startup focused on the AR space.

If you haven’t heard of Selerio, they’re a project that has its roots at Cambridge:

Selerio is a computer vision startup born out of Cambridge University working on cutting edge 3D mapping for Augmented Reality. It was founded by Flora Tasse, CTO, PhD from Cambridge University and Ghislain Fouodji, CEO, an ex-tech lead at Amazon Web Services.

We teamed up after Flora’s breakthrough thesis on object understanding from color and depth sensors, to further develop her research into a commercial product. Ghislain brought in his experience with building products for millions of customers at AWS. This was a natural fit.

According to the Portland Business Journal, the Selerio team will be moving to Portland to join the crew at Streem.

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