Urgent care for Portland kids is getting more Brave… and startuppy

While some startup communities seem obsessed with the random application of technology, I’ve always been impressed with the Portland startup community’s continued interest in applying technology in ways that make people’s lives better. One of those areas — for decades — has been healthcare. And now, there’s a new player in that realm, specifically around urgent care for kids. Meet Brave Care.

In reality, Brave Care is an iteration of an existing practice. One that had a compelling ethos in which serial entrepreneur Darius Monsef saw potential. Add a few more technology entrepreneurs to the mix and a new company was born.

Pacific Crest Children’s was a great name for the one clinic we’ve had here on Sandy Blvd, but we wanted to start building a name that could expand with us as we open new clinics in Portland and beyond… and that would also resonate with parents across the country that we can serve with our digital healthcare products. Brave was a word we kept hearing in our clinic and it applies to the kids and also their parents. For children, some of their greatest moments of growth come from trying things that stretch the limits of their physical abilities… and if they happen to fall down, we want to help them get back up as quickly as possible and find the courage to try again. We know that exposure to new people and ideas helps feed a child’s curiosity and a lot of those kinds of environments like schools, museums and libraries often come with a lot of germs. But getting sick is actually a healthy part of a child’s development. Our mission, above providing the best health care, is to empower families to be brave, adventurous and healthy… and we’ll be here if you need us.

A side effect of having successful serial entrepreneurs working on this sort of thing? They attract investment. Familiar Portland funders Founders Co-op are part of the mix. As are Hustle Fund, Liquid2, and Maveron. Travis Rush, with whom Darius cofounded Sightbox — one of the most compelling Portland startup exits, ever — is among the Angels invested in the effort, as well.

Thoughtfully applying technology to improve service, experience, and outcomes. It’s just the kind of thing I love about this community. And I’m super excited to see where this goes.

For more information, visit Brave Care. Or, if you’d like to hear from Darius, personally, consider listening to the podcast, below.

[Full disclosure: Personally, I’m psyched about this company because it features a couple of PIE alums, Darius Monsef and Asa Miller. They’ve been spending time with us as mentors in residence at the accelerator. I am the cofounder and general manager of PIE. I am also an Advisor to Brave Care. But all that said, I’d be writing about Brave Care, regardless.]