Certifying scooters makes managing micromobility easier on cities

As you may have noticed, the scooters are back. And there are more brands than ever on Portland sidewalks. Some even have seats. Which may lead you to wonder how the heck the city keeps track of all of the providers. Well, a Portland startup is helping solve that problem. Ride Report just announced a certification program for micromobility.

High-scoring operators can earn the Ride Report Certified designation which represents a gold standard of consistently meeting cities’ data needs. Ride Report has initially certified Bird and Lime after performing audits on behalf of partner cities around the world. To earn the Ride Report Certified credential, selected operators must also commit to providing cities with ongoing access to high-quality data and metrics.

“Micromobility has amazing potential to make cities more sustainable and equitable, but to successfully grow these options, cities need collaborative relationships with operators based on trust,” said William Henderson, CEO and cofounder of Ride Report in a press release. “For our city partners, trust starts with access to high-quality data that keeps them in control of their streets. Our auditing system and the Ride Report Certified distinction shows cities exactly which operators will meet their data needs, creating the trust and shared understanding that helps both parties work together to gracefully scale micromobility.”

For more information on the program, visit Ride Report.

Also, they’re hiring.