Portland startup Streem named among Crunchbase “50 hot tech companies globally in 2019”

It’s rare to see Portland startups bubbling to the top of national lists. Let alone global lists. So it was really nice to see that one of our local companies had been highlighted by Crunchbase as one of the 50 hot tech companies for 2019. Coming in at #2 on the Crunchbase list is Portland augmented reality startup Streem.

How’d they make this decision?

These 50 tech companies have been filtered based on the following criteria: Each has raised between $10 and $30 million in the last six months and have not exited via IPO or acquisition. Additionally, we’ve curated this list based on Crunchbase Rank.

For more on Streem or to see the other 49 companies, visit 50 Hot Tech Companies Globally in 2019.