Confused by the ReachNow news? You’re not alone

So if you’re a regular car sharing user here in town, you’ve likely tried both ReachNow and car2go, two of the providers here in Portland. Not so long ago, those two entities merged and started calling everything Now. ThisNow, ThatNow, NowNow. So when news that ReachNow was shutting down in Portland and Seattle broke, everyone seemed to conclude that we had no more car sharing in town. That is not the case.

According to ReachNow:

This decision does not affect the car2go service in Seattle or Portland. While ReachNow Members are not grandfathered into car2go, we highly encourage any Members that are not already signed up with car2go to join their service. Today’s news also does not have any impact on the other REACH NOW (formerly moovel Group) businesses. They will continue to work with city partners to improve the accessibility of public transit.

So you only get to drive Mercedes. No more BMWs. That’s about it.

For more information, visit ReachNow.