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Confused by the ReachNow news? You’re not alone

So if you’re a regular car sharing user here in town, you’ve likely tried both ReachNow and car2go, two of the providers here in Portland. Not so long ago, those two entities merged and started calling everything Now. ThisNow, ThatNow, NowNow. So when news that ReachNow was shutting down in Portland and Seattle broke, everyone seemed to conclude that we had no more car sharing in town. That is not the case.

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To and fro: Visualizing car2go migratory patterns in Portland

Because I am fairly sure that any idea I come up with has already been conceived and built, I mused out loud on Twitter that I would really love to see a time lapse of car2go vehicles and how they migrate through Portland on a daily basis. Of course, the Internet delivered. Read More

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