Thinking about taking your startup team remote? Get REMOTE: Office not required for free

The funny thing about startups is that they all start as remote. I mean, it’s a kitchen table. Or a coffeeshop. Or a brew pub. That’s the kind of place your company starts. With you. With an idea. And maybe a laptop.

But then you hire other people. You start meeting together. In person. You get into an accelerator. You get a coworking space. Maybe an office. And suddenly remembering how to work remotely becomes a challenge. Let alone working with others remotely.

And now, with so many companies now considering remote work and self-quarantine, any number of people are struggling with this question. Which is why it’s nice to see Jason Fried and the Basecamp team offering up some guidance. For free.

Looking for more assistance? Don’t forget we’ve got one of the best remote worker communities in the world at our disposal, thanks to Portland startup Workfrom. Take a second to check them out and join their community, as well.