Portland grassroots manufacturing heroes equip frontline healthcare heroes with PPE

If there’s a single bright point to what we’re experiencing, it is as simple as this. It’s humanity. At no single time has the entire globe been impacted by — and aligned against — something that so desperately reminded us all of our humanity, our commonality, and our need for one another. And that’s why stories like the Portland Maker Force story are both expected — and exceptional.

Here’s an inside look.

Three weeks ago, our community started 3D printing personal protective (PPE) equipment for local hospitals- primarily face shields and eye shields. In that time, we have delivered more than 5000 pieces of PPE to hospitals and partners, with another thousands more in the queue. We’ve organized 220 Makers with 380 3D printers into what I fondly call a “pop-up supply chain” under a new group called MakerForce.org. I’d like to give you a behind the scenes look at how our pop-up supply chain works. We’ll tackle it in three major parts: Intake, Production, Fulfillment.

Get a look behind the scenes of how a grassroots team built a supply chain from scratch in “Creating a Pop-Up Supply Chain for COVID19 PPE.”