Insights from startup ecosystem builders around the world

Near the beginning of the shelter in place order — what seems like years ago at this point — one of the first virtual events in which I had the honor of participating was the Skoll World Forum, an annual global gathering that had pivoted into a virtual event. During our panel, I had the opportunity to learn from startup ecosystem builders around the world. Here are some of the insights on how startup communities were dealing with COVID-19 at the time.

COVID19 has hit social entrepreneurs hard. Their chances of recovering from the negative effects on their revenue, value chain, and talent will largely depend on whether they have access to a community of support, mentorship, and well-being. This is where ecosystems – nascent and established – will face the ultimate test of their purpose.

For more information and the highlights from the panel, visit “Global Ecosystem Builders: How We’re Responding to COVID-19.”