Working to make your startup or small business more resilient? OEN and Pregame are partnering to help

This situation has tested even the most resilient companies. And given what folks are saying, this won’t be the last time. There will no doubt be future challenges like this. Economic downturns are as cyclical as upticks. Which has any number of founders asking “How I can build and grow a resilient business from the start?” Oregon Entrepreneurs Network and Pregame have partnered to deliver the answers as part of a new program offering.

Introducing our new partner series designed especially for launching and growing a resilient business.

Best of all, these sessions are 100% virtual, so you can join us from anywhere in Oregon. Get the strategy you need to move forward – only with Pregame x OEN.

“We know from past recessions, people get creative and entrepreneurship grows in tough times,” Amanda Oborne, Executive Director of OEN, told the Portland Business Journal. “I don’t think we are through the acute part. In the next year or two it will be an interesting time in entrepreneurship.”

The program kicks off in May 2020. For more details, read the coverage by Malia Spencer.

To register, visit Pregame.