Let folks know you’re hiring Portland tech and startup types at half the usual price on the Silicon Florist job board

For nearly a decade, the Silicon Florist job board has been a go to resource for folks looking to land jobs in Portland startups and tech companies around town. Hundreds of companies and thousands of employees have connected because of job postings there. But these days — I have to be honest — it’s looking a little sparse.

While many companies have cut back, I know that a bunch of folks are still hiring out there. But they need to be careful with their costs. So let’s do this. Let’s give you half off the usual Silicon Florist job board price. No coupons. No nothing. I’m just dropping the prices during this period. (Which also means that if you have a coupon code, you can get a screaming discount.)

Because you have job openings. And there are people who need jobs. So let’s make that connection.

As an added bonus, if you get your job submitted today, it will go out in the weekly Silicon Florist newsletter, tonight.

And yes, as the market starts to correct and we dig our way out of this mess, I will probably return to the previous pricing. So even if you’re not hiring at the moment, you might consider picking up a pack of some heavily discounted job postings for future use — because they’re good forever.

To post your job, visit the Silicon Florist job board.