Portland startup pursues predictive risk management

Just came across this company — mostly because they’re hiring. Meet Kanchil, a Portland startup focused on helping organizations do a better job of predictively modeling risk.

Here’s how they describe their product, DeepSurface®:

First, DeepSurface does reconnaissance on your network and performs an agent-less deep scan of your assets to learn about over 100 data points including: accounts, permissions, installed software, user behavior, network access, and many more. During this first stage, DeepSurface also ingests all your vulnerability data. The final step in the first stage is to compute all the pathways on your network for a possible breach.

Second, DeepSurface prioritizes all the pathways, hosts, and known vulnerabilities by their risk contribution by accounting for the length and difficulty of pathways exploitation, the value of your assets as risk, user and application permissions, and over 20 other factors.

Finally, DeepSurface presents all stakeholders a set of actionable, objective reports, analysis, and instructions that you can use to know, examine, communicate, and remediate the risks on your network.

For more information, visit Kanchil.