Whatcha listening to…? New Portland startup matches folks with similar musical tastes

Music, by its very nature, creates community with artists attracting fans and followers. And, under previous circumstances, concert goers. In real life. In venues. But none of those fans have that opportunity to spend time with likeminded folks in a concert venue. So what if they could connect over their appreciation of an artist or band virtually? Meet Feel With Me.

The premise is simple. Many of us listen to music on streaming services like Spotify. Spotify keeps track of what we listen to and who our favorite artists and genres are. So what if someone asked some magical artificial intelligence robots to analyze that Spotify data and connect folks with similar playlists? Voila.

Not only does it help folks with similar tastes connect. It has the potential to help with music discovery. With a premise very similar to what Portland startup Little Bird (nee Plexus Engine) used to do with Twitter.

Music is one of the most important things in the world to me, and I’m always looking for new songs to fall in love with. Years ago, I had an idea: If I could collect the top 10 songs of everyone in the world, there must be some people who share 9 out of 10 with me. If I haven’t heard their 10th song, I need to, because it’s definitely a banger.

Interested in test driving it? You’ll need to use Spotify to log in. Just visit Feel With Me.