Zebras Unite chats with Portland’s Jelani Memory, founder and CEO of A Kids Book About

If you’re looking for a new podcast or simply want to get some insights from a two-time Portland founder, you might want to check out the Zebracast from Zebras Unite. In this episode, they chat with Jelani Memory, founder and CEO of Portland startup A Kids Book About.

Jelani Memory is a founder of two highly successful businesses. In this episode he speaks to us about why his first business turned him into a Zebra, making up his own rules and why it’s so important to have the ‘tough conversations’ with the next generation.

For more, visit the Zebracast. Or tune in for a recent conversation with Jelani on the PIE Crowdcast.

[Full disclosure: Jelani is a mentor in residence at PIE. I am the cofounder and general manager of PIE.]