Where are the Black tech executive men? PDX Blacks in Technology shares some examples

“If you can’t see it, you can’t be it.” It’s a phrase I regularly encounter in the conversations about diversifying the startup and tech community. Meaning? Meaning that if you’re considering a career in tech and don’t see anyone who looks like you or shares your lived experience in executive roles, it’s more difficult to believe that you can actually succeed and excel in the industry. With that in mind, one may wonder where the senior Black men tech leaders are. And PDX Blacks in Technology has an answer.

Our speakers and panel include: 1) those rare few at the top with distinguished long tenures with one employer, 2) those who have moved-out of the enterprise, but went back in, and 3) those who left the enterprise to make it on their own. We will ask about and hear – the truth, the real 411. Do you have a real seat at the table, and if not, how do you get it. Do Black men have a better chance in the NBA, starting their own business, or perhaps taking up a career doing stand-up comedy.

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