Suddenly one Portlander — and one former Portlander — have a potential $50k startup investment burning a hole in their pockets

Now, it’s no secret that I’m a fan of Indie.vc. The way they’re rethinking traditional venture capital is right in line with the way companies are built around here. And their focus on generating revenue and founders retaining control has an appeal as well. So just imagine how much more of a fan I became when I heard that someone from Portland and someone who used to live in Portland were selected to help invest some Indie.vc capital.

Verified Scouts have the capacity and discretion to write checks up to $50,000. They work closely as an advisor in the companies they back.

Pilot participants were selected based on their contributions to the initial pilot of the Indie.vc Scout program and their leadership in, and contribution to, the broader conversations emerging in the tech community.

So who are the Portlander and the post-Portlander in the mix? Stephen Green and Maxime Paul. Zebras Unite cofounder and Black and Brown Founders founder Aniyia Williams was also selected. As was former Backstage Capital employee Lolita Taub.

For more information on this pilot program, visit Indie.vc Verified Scouts.

[Full disclosure: Maxime is a PIE alum. And both Maxime and Stephen are PIE mentors. I am the cofounder and general manager of PIE. I’m also an Indie.vc Scout. Just not the kind with money.]